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BC Tomorrow is a Canadian non-profit registered charity whose mission is to help students and teachers explore the connection between environmental sustainability and land use decision making in British Columbia.

We aim to provide youth, as future leaders, with the knowledge and desire to act in public decision making and to establish sustainable watershed systems for future generations.

BC Tomorrow’s team consists of leaders and innovators in environmental education, industry, land use planning and modeling and we are affiliated with Alberta Tomorrow

Our free, online educational resources align well with BC’s redesigned curriculum, can be used in the classroom, or serve to complement the many outdoor, environmental, nature or place-based school and community education programs in BC.

The project’s primary driver, our innovative land use simulator, functions like a time-machine. It allows students to look not just at today, but how we got here, and where we may be headed.

Built right into the Simulator you will find :

  • Engaging BC-focused instructional videos
  • Grade 2-12 teacher-friendly, ready-to-use lesson templates and answer keys,
  • “How to” tutorials,
  • Explore BC function,
  • The ability to upload field observations and water quality measurements,
  • Engaging quests designed to extend learning,
  • Hints and challenges,
  • Reporting templates,
  • A points system, and
  • A digital sharing platform    


With the simulator, students can look back 100 years, watch how the landscape changes, and see for themselves some of the cause-and-effect relationships at work in natural systems.

Then, they can look into the future to see what the land could look like given current trends. Finally, students can manipulate social, economic, and environmental variables and run scenarios in an attempt to develop their own future plans.

The simulator gives students the opportunity to see for themselves some of the impacts human activities have on the land and run future scenarios to address concerns and sustainability.

A holistic, unbiased set of socio-economic and environmental indicators helps evaluate the results of the scenarios. 

Applicable at multiple grades and with an ability to be applied from a range of perspectives, BC Tomorrow’s learning tools are powerful.

Students interact with real data to address real issues. Our approach is to put the tools into students’ hands and give them the opportunity to learn, share, solve problems and address issues on their own.

Decision-making regarding the environment, society and economy can require discussion, critical thinking and compromise. The simulator exposes students to some of the real-life trade-offs that go with making choices aimed at a sustainable future.

Students can then follow-up their ideas, extend their learning, or share it with their peers, family or in the community as part of student initiatives. Our project is also consistent with elements of Indigenous holistic learning principles thereby offering opportunities for shared understandings. 

As populations and resource demands continue to increase and adapting to climate change is becoming increasingly important, citizens will benefit greatly as they better understand the connection between future outcomes and today’s land use choices.

Solutions to the complex interactions between the socio-economic and environmental parts of the system, requires deep understanding and a well-informed public; education has a major role to play in building public understanding. BC Tomorrow is leveraging technology to help meet the challenge. 

If you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us

You can also find a full length tutorial on our home page

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