Real Estate Foundation of BC and BC Tomorrow Partner Conversation

partners Jul 17, 2019

BC Tomorrow would like to publicly thank the Real Estate Foundation for supporting this project that we've been working on for a while. It's the Real Estate Foundation that's been a catalyst to us getting the BC Tomorrow learning tool into the students' hands.

"We feel really privileged to be part of such a potentially influential tool that could really impact education in our schools in a really meaningful and engaging way. It's very well-matched "

"It's highly engaging and very interactive." 

"I think your interest in incorporating indigenous knowledge into the tool and lesson plans is a really positive step towards important shifts in traditional  indigenous led initiatives. "

Exploring those opportunities to share and grow old together or not just educating we're actually empowering students in connecting different organization so that they see a pathway.

When you create a pathway watch the students go ! It's really exciting to see that happening.

The Real Estate Foundation of BC  primarily works as a grant maker. If you're a nonprofit working on projects related to land use, we may be able to offer you project funding.  If you're somebody who works with nonprofit, you can reach out to The Real Estate Foundation.

In addition to grant funding The Real Estate Foundation of BC does some of their own research internally. Looking at things like data indicators on sustainability.

You can find them on their website

BC's  future is in our hands and we're proud to be working together to see what we can do together.

For more information on becoming a partner with BC Tomorrow contact us. 

Ready to get started? We've created a quickstart guide for you. Follow our handy step by step guide and get BC Tomorrow in your lesson plans in as little as one week!

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