Students Teaching Students Pilot #3

student news Jul 09, 2019
Students teaching Students: A powerful learning model.  If someone wants to test their understanding of a concept, issue, … teach others. 
It's kind of a reciprocal relationship - the older's share and the young ones eagerly engage and inspire the older’s to share more. As a result of the older teaching the younger teaching model, the younger people take their learning back with them. It's like the starting blocks for the young people have been moved forward in their learning and understanding.
Knowledge and insights are shared and the whole system benefits as knowledge is pushed upwards and people are challenged to engage at a deeper level. At the top, the level of understanding moves higher and higher and in this way societies understanding of complex natural systems deepens. 
With a unique learning tool such as BC Tomorrow’s land-use simulator, older and younger students are engaging in landscapes they both could inherit when they are adults. People working with people, sharing and discussing ways to address issues they both are going to have to deal with during their adult lives.
From the School districts communications department they posted on Facebook the following: 
"South Canoe students visited Salmon Arm Secondary (Sullivan Campus) on learning about innovative BC Tomorrow software from Salmon Arm Secondary Grade 11-12 students. This project, which allows you to see the impact of many environmental and human factors on the landscapes, is being spearheaded by SAS teacher Dave Ramsey with help from BC Tomorrow Society and staff and students of SD83.

The project is being made possible by generous support from The Real Estate Foundation of BC, ALCES Land Use and Landscape Ltd, Vancity, Telus, The Shuswap Foundation, Integral Ecology Group, RBC BlueWater Program, Shuswap Naturalists, and CE Analytic. Without all this support, the development of BC Tomorrow would not be possible.”

Ready to get started? We've created a quickstart guide for you. Follow our handy step by step guide and get BC Tomorrow in your lesson plans in as little as one week!

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