The Story Behind The BC Tomorrow Logo

student news Sep 15, 2017

Just before the official Spring 2017 Mini Pilot of BC Tomorrow, the Society worked with Salmon Arm Secondary School (SASS) to offer students an exciting opportunity to create the new BC Tomorrow Logo.  BC Tomorrow would host & judge a competition and give the winner $100.

Once there was a group of interested students, we gave the students the guidelines by sharing the vision, and what BC Tomorrow will provide for the future.

From a creative perspective, this was tricky, because our goal was to tap into the young creativity without "leading the witness." 

We shared with them our interim logo, and asked for specific colours , and the vision of BC.

It was a tall order, but there is a lot of young creative talent in our community, so we had full confidence in our students .

Drumroll Please!!!!!

The winner of the contest and our official BC Tomorrow Logo designer is SASS Student Ali Balloun. Great job!!! We are very proud of you , your professionalism, and the beautiful logo you created for us! 

Here it is pictured below blown up . Notice the detail in the mountains, and the watersheds. 

Such incredible work .

The official contest guidelines were as follows : 

The BC Tomorrow Society is a registered charity whose mission is to help students and teachers explore sustainability for our economy, environment and society. As part of that effort, we are developing a free, online, educational tool that aims to teach a new generation of British Columbians about the principals and practices of sustainable land-use planning through cumulative effects.

Students learn about systems thinking so they see the “big picture” of holistic land-use management while attempting to balance environmental, economic and social values.

We have an “interim” logo  but we want something way better that reflects the idea of learning and planning or a sustainable future – and one that is highly appealing to youth. We can think of no one better to design a new logo than our youth - this means you. So, we have decided to hold a contest to develop our new logo.

The contest was open to all students at SASS.

  • All submissions must be original creations and not previously copyrighted.
  • Submissions will be judged based on creativity and effective representation of the BC Tomorrow society.
  • The logo should embody and/or portray BC Tomorrow
  • Each entry should be accompanied with a brief explanation/description to provide    context to the logo (i.e. explain action of colour, symbols etc.)
  • Entry may be pictures, text-based or combination of the two.
  • Artist must submit font name (if text is used).
  • All copyright material or images are prohibited.
  • All artwork becomes the property of the BC Tomorrow Society, but we will give you credit for its creation.
  • We intend for the winning entry to be used as the official logo for the BC Tomorrow Society; to be used on it’s website and with all social media material. We may ask the winner to make some minor modifications depending upon BC Tomorrow Board approval.
  • Entries are encouraged to be computer generated.

It was a big job, and we are super grateful for all the passion and hard work put into the the making of our beautiful logo! Thank you Ali!



Ready to get started? We've created a quickstart guide for you. Follow our handy step by step guide and get BC Tomorrow in your lesson plans in as little as one week!

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