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About Us

Dave Ramsay

Executive Director


Dave Ramsay has been a high school science educator in British Columbia for over 25 years.
Dave moved to the interior in 1994 and, wife his Leah, six children, and one grandchild enjoy the beauty of Shuswap Watershed.

The Shuswap Watershed is a spectacular area offering local residents and visitors an abundance of recreational, economic, and cultural opportunities. However, there is a limit to how much human disturbance natural systems can withstand. Dave strongly believes our education system can improve how it educates about the integrity and sustainability of watersheds.

While completing his masters, Dave explored how to incorporate the sustainability of the Shuswap Watershed into his classroom in a meaningful way. Armed with this research, Dave developed an Environmental Science 11 curriculum that focused on the Shuswap Watershed. In 2013, while implementing the curriculum, Dave and Barry Wilson connected, realized their philosophies aligned, and agreed to collaborate on the development of BC Tomorrow. To get involved or make donation please contact [email protected] or submit your inquiry here.



In the video below enjoy A 12  minute video presentation taking you on a journey from the inception of the idea of BC Tomorrow to the implementation of a vision.


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