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We are grateful to the BC Tomorrow sponsors for making BC Tomorrow possible.



Alberta Tomorrow

Alberta Tomorrow was originally created in 2005 by Matthew Carlson and Dr. Brad Stelfox of the ALCES group. Since then, Alberta Tomorrow has been used extensively by teachers and students throughout Alberta. https://albertatomorrow.ca

Real Estate Foundation of BC

At the Real Estate Foundation, we work to promote healthy communities and protect natural environments. 

Our grants fund research, education, and policy analysis related to land use and real estate.

We also lead and partner on our own initiatives like research projects, working groups, impact investments, and our Land Awards program.

Together, our grants and initiatives help to advance sustainable land use and real estate practices in BC. https://www.refbc.com/

CE Analytic Ltd

We lead land use planning designed to achieve a resilient society, environment & economy. It is our Mission to develop & share innovative systems ecology tools & approaches to better understand the interconnectedness of human & natural forces.

Barry Wilson of CE Analytic Ltd. helps his clients better understand and manage the cumulative effects of land use, economic development, wildfire, avalanches, floods and climate change.  He is a leader in building, using and teaching leading edge spatial and temporal simulation modelling in a scenario planning framework. http://www.ceanalytic.com

ALCES Landscape & Landuse

We are an interdisciplinary team of scientists, consultants, and software developers focused on providing a strategic understanding of the consequences of human activities on our planet and societies. Our passion is delivering the knowledge our clients need to make informed decisions. https://www.alces.ca



Integral Ecology Group

At IEG we base our work on the fact that humans are an integral part of the planet’s ecosystems. We act in close collaboration with our clients, who face important decisions about how to maintain and restore ecological and cultural integrity. We support these decisions with science-based, transparent, and defensible information. https://www.integralecologygroup.com


Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC

We deliver a variety of government programs to assist the agriculture and agri-food industry in BC. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a local marketing or an export opportunity, enhancing environmental sustainability or developing a new product or process, funding is available to help turn your idea into reality. https://iafbc.ca




RBC Foundation

As a bank, we also want to help create an environment where businesses can succeed in addressing the world's water challenges and ensure we understand the water issues our clients are facing. 





At Vancity, our vision is to redefine wealth in a way that furthers the financial, social and environmental well-being of our members and their communities. 




By giving back to over 4000 charities  and using our world-leading technology to help those who need it most through our Connecting for Good programs, we help ensure equal access to technology, promote its responsible use and create meaningful social change.


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The BC Tomorrow Foundation is a 100% non-profit organization, a Registered Non-Profit Society in BC with Canada Revenue Agency Charitable Status, dedicated to promoting sustainable land-use planning in BC.